About Us

S.C. CEDOMSERVICE S.R.L. located in Ploiesti, Pictor Rosenthal street, no. 12, Prahova County Romania, VAT number RO18262969, Trade Registry Number J-29/007/2007, implemented and works under a management sistem witch meets the SR EN ISO 9001 : 2008 standard for the following fields: CONCRETE PLANT PRODUCTION, CONCRETE PLANT REPAIRS AND UPGRADES AND A WIDE RANGE OF SPARE PARTS.

Founded in 2006 the company markets and produces concret stations and accesories:

                WE PRODUCE:

  •  fixed, mobile and semimobile ”  DELTA concreet statations (20  – 150 m³ / h)
  • sorting stations
  • dry mortar stations
  • fresh scarp concrete recyclers
  • central heating for concret stations
  • upgrades and modernization of concret plants
  • concrete stations automation
  • electric systems and panels for concret stations
  • aditives dosing stations
  • concrete stations refurbishments
  • installation and commissioning concreet stations

                  WE SELL :

  • concret stations spare parts
  • gearmotors
  • cement silos (chalk, filer)
  • screwconveyors for cement, chalk, and so on
  • cement filters
  • valves
  • air compressors
  • electronic brakes
  • pneumatic cylinders
  • solenoid valves


Since the begining of the company in the year 2006 until today, we were present in a competitive and dinamic eviroment. This helped our company to have a constatnt grow on the concret station market and concrest stations related services. Today we are the main company in this field from Romania.

With a modern management, highly trained staff, the use of the latest technology and equipments, as well as a excelent planed schedule in all of our  project, CEDOMSERVICE became through complexe and diverse projects, covering all product and service requirements in this field the, the most important company in this area of  expertise.

Starting with  the experienge gathered over time trough diferent colaborations that were all successful CEDOMSERVICE is now offering high quality solutions and products that can solve all your clients problems.

Europeean standard quality

All the products and accessories used by our company as well as the production process, refurbishments process and upgardes meet the international and european standard.

The main objective of CEDOMSERVICE is to produce concret stations designed to cover the clients needs, while keeping a constatnt look on the market grow, improvments and the use of the latest technologies.   


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