Automatic dosing systems

Automatic dosing system

During the automatic dosing we can change the quantity of programed water depending of the agregates humidy with the push of a button  + / – . Starting with the year 2011 we designed and buid a system that mesures the viscosity during the entire process inside the mixer. This way we can successfully control thq quality of the concrete. The operating system allows printed raports (at the end of an order or on a give time span) and the delivery notes.

Concret station electric panel

The electric panel si composed of: metal box, relays, fuses, contactors and so on.
All the components used are importe and of high quality.

Aditives dosing station

Aditive dosing is done gravimetric with a load cell. Right after the dosing process all the mesured aditive is emptied in the water dispenser. The station can can dose two additives sequentially on the same batch of concrete. The dosing error is bellow 0.5%.

Pneumatic equipment rig

The pnuematic equipment rig is composed of:
– air compressor
– F.R.L Unit
– pneumatic cylinders
– solendiu valves
– RISLAN pneumatic tube
– push-in conectors
– water dosing valve
– aditive dosing valve
All of the above equipments are importaed. Latest generation.